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Identifying a transmission issue in your automobile can often be difficult and, if left unchecked, destructive to the rest of the car. Without professional assistance, certain common symptoms of transmission distress can be mistaken for other common car problems! If these are left unchecked, the entire vehicle could be compromised. If this happens to you in Olathe, KS there is only one place to call – Olathe Clutch & Transmission.

Out of the myriad of reasons to get your transmission checked out by us, a few stand out most prominently:

Cost Saving – One of the biggest concerns when it comes to doing a whole transmission repair with a transmission shop like ours is the cost of the repair. Often times other shops will charge an arm and a leg for labor costs when the repair itself is a relatively simple one. You can expect fair prices and professional work from us!

Expert Work – When you get your transmission repaired, replaced, or rebuilt with Olathe Clutch & Transmission, Inc. you know you are going to get a professional, certified technician on the job. They will ensure that the work we do for you at our transmission shop will be quick and effortless on your part!

We are the Best Around – Ask anyone who has had a transmission issue in Olathe, KS who they turned to when it mattered most and they will tell you Olathe Clutch & Transmission, Inc.! We have been proudly serving the people of Olathe, KS for over 23 years now. We are the most recommended transmission shop in the area for a good reason!

We pride ourselves in being the cleanest, most efficient and professional transmission shop in Olathe, KS, and it shows with every transmission job we take.

Whether you need a full rebuild or replacement on your transmission or simply need to do a diagnostic check to pinpoint the problem with your engine, Olathe Clutch & Transmission, Inc. has the state of the art technology and expert technicians to get the job done right the first time, guaranteed. Call us today with any transmission problem!

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