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The differential of your car is its rear end, where all the power of the engine is connected to the road via your rear wheel tires. The gears of differentials can spin at around five thousand times a minute, and have to carry the full weight of your car and whatever you are towing! The gears themselves are lubricated with oil and a no filtration system to keep it fresh.

The most common reason for getting differentials checked or diagnosed is to keep these gears in top shape, due to the incredible importance of the differential gears. More often than not all that needs to be done is a simple oil dialysis where we switch the old, unfiltered oil out for new lubrication! It is suggested that you do this every 30,000 to 50,000 miles!

Here in Olathe, KS there is only one place to go if you have not maintained your vehicle’s differentials — Olathe Clutch & Transmission. We promise to have your differential oil changed or any necessary repair made. So call today if you haven’t had your differential checked recently.

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