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Here at Olathe Clutch & Transmission, we specialize in clutch repair and installation. We do all of our clutch repair and installation in house, so all you need to do is get your vehicle down to our local shop and we can get started diagnosing your clutch problems. How do you know if your clutch actually needs repairing or not?

Here are a few symptoms:

Feels Spongy – A clutch that feels soft or “spongy” when you press down on it is a sign that your clutch might be beginning to fail. It is one of the early signs, so if you notice this happening make sure you give us a call right away! We will be able to identify the problem in an efficient manner and everything will be fine!

Trouble Shifting or Burning Smell – If you have trouble shifting gears or you smell something burning every time you press the clutch, call us! These are both signs that your clutch is failing. We will do a diagnostic check and clutch repair for you and have you on your way in no time!

Visible Damage to the Clutch – If you have a bit of mechanical knowledge you can remove the inspection cover at the bottom of your bell housing to see the clutch. When a clutch is going bad, there will be visible damage to the clutch itself. There will also be black powder around the clutch, caused by normal wear and tear. If you manage to take a look at the clutch and notice damage, give Olathe Clutch & Transmission a call!

While these are not the only signs that your clutch might be going out, they are still signs that you should heed. If you notice symptoms like these while driving your car here in Olathe, KS you will want to have it checked out by the most professional and expert technicians around. Call Olathe Clutch & Transmission today with any questions or concerns with your vehicle!

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